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Cern Open Day Talk

Lift Conference Talk

Design Matters ( most recent essays are in this publication on Medium )|Money & Entropy (on Medium )|The UX of Banking (on Medium )| The Real Meaning and Future of Apple’s Mantra: Designed in California ( on Gizmodo )| How to Respond to Legal Threats with Cute Animals (on Gizmodo )| There is no such thing as invention ( on Medium ) | The Long Tail is Wrong ( on Medium ) | Lessons from a prelude to Pinterest (on Gigaom ) | The Path to Pinterest, visual bookmarks and grid sites (on Gigaom ) | Use Case Study House #1 – A house designed like a web application | Internet Pawn | Tech Crunch | The Big Apple | Demystifying-Demistifying | Tim Berners-Lee. Confirming The Exact Location Where the Web Was Invented | Ten things that defined the noughties | Social networks and creativity | Imagining the iPad | Susan Boyle and the second Great Depression (on Smashing Telly ) | Information and Evolution | What Comes After Lofts and the Suburbs | The Joe Ades Myth Deconstructed | Goodbye Dubai ( on Smashing Telly )

More talks:

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Beyond WWW, the cultural impact of the Web CERN, Switzerland
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Microcontent SXSW Conference, Austin
Working Out of the Box Archinect
What mistakes to Avoid in Web 2.0 (I was so wrong – cringeworthy)