About me

I'm a designer and Internet entrepreneur, I'm also a qualified architect.
I co-founded San Francisco Incubator, MRL Ventures (where I lead the project which became Yelp), Moreover.com, the first news aggregator (acquired by Verisign) and Realtime Anywhere (the first Internet company in London’s Shoreditch, in 1994).
I created the visual bookmarking concept behind Pinterest and co-authored RSS.
Om Malik: "David...has a nasty habit of predicting the future before everyone else."

Experience design

I've designed everything from skyscrapers to set designs, products, software, websites & web standards, used by more than a billion people. All of this is ultimately about experience. I design experiences and specialize in the smallest things which will have the maximum impact.

Entrepreneur, Strategist

Companies start as product ideas. I approach starting companies as a design problem, looking for new opportunities and creating new ideas for products, services and brands. I've co-founded 4 successful companies (RTA, Origins, Moreover, MRL ventures [Yelp]) , in London, NY and San Francisco where I've lead product design & development. For existing companies this role is either strategy or service design. As a digital strategist I've worked with people from startups to multi-nationals.

Product & UX design

Working as head of product, I've designed many innovative services (first online news aggregator), applications (visual bookmarking concept behind Pinterest) and websites (the first wireframes for Yelp) and have co-developed several well known web standards (RSS).


As an architect, I trained under Archigram founder, Peter Cook and worked for Norman Foster then stadium rock set designers, Fisher Park. I've continued to collaborate on architecture projects.

Founder: Wists

Wists was the first social shopping site, in 2004, developing the concept behind Pinterest.

Co-founder: Moreover

Co-founded with Angus Bankes & Nick Denton, (Founder Gawker Media). Sold to Verisgn.

Companies: Origins.net

Origins.net, subscription online genealogy database

Co-founder: Realtime Anywhere

One of the first digital agencies, and the first Internet company, in London's 'Tech City'.

Services: Curations

A series of curated sites, that constituted some of the first product blogs.

Founder: Curations.com, Smashing Telly

Part of Curations.com, Smashing Telly was the first curated TV channel


I co-authored the RSS 1.0 standard


A standard for realtime search co-developed with Matt Mullenweg, founder Wordpress

One Line Bio

A standard for simple biographical information. Co authored with Ian Davis.

Information Theory & Evolution

Some applications of information theory to open systems.

Use Case-study House

Architecture designed using the same principles as web User Experience

UX: Standard Model of the Standard Model

Improved infographic of the standard model of physics, made at the CERN Webfest 2012, with Carsten Burgard

Architecture: Translucent Skyscraper

A design I did while working for Norman Foster for a skyscraper in London

Architecture: House of Flags

Designs for buildings with loose fabric external skins.

Architecture: Building Within a Building

A modern wooden structure built inside an 18th Century barn to create a building within a building.

Architecture: retail and event designs

Working with clients such as Caterpillar and Coca Cola, I've produced a series of events and retail designs.

Landscape design: Industrial Park

Design for a park in a siding with rusting steam trains overgrown with plants.

Architecture: Millennium Bridge

A collaboration with Alex Oliver, shortlisted for a millennium competition.

Architecture: Jewish Museum, London

A collaboration with Opher Elia-Shaul for a proposed new building for the Jewish Museum in London